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KITS, born in 2015 with a mission to bring institutions and industry together successfully with knowhow of recent technologies and market demand. KITS is among largest Techno-commercial skill development institute in Maharashtra; KITS has trained one out of every twenty Techno-commercial professionals in the country and become a beacon in the global Industrial revolution. From introducing computers to the people of India, to providing advanced skills to students and professionals, KITS has evolved into a training powerhouse with design-development of various projects. While our special-priced, Techno-commercial programs have enabled students and hobbyist to achieve technological literacy, our career education has shaped the lives of millions of individuals. KITS provides a comprehensive education environment to individuals and enterprises, offers training that is customized to the varied needs of audiences with diverse backgrounds. KITS has played a pioneering role in taking practical learning to the masses.

KITS tech learning center brings curriculum based Educational Robotics through STEM to kids ages from 4 to 15 in a fun and challenging way through classes, camps, Interacting Sessions and Parties. We are Proud to inspire children to build on their natural curiosity by teaching practical STEM concepts through hands on learning and improve their educational quality from theoretical background to practical one which will bridge gap between industry and institution in future.

KITS is an educational robotics company which actively works in developing the products/services which can be deployed in the schools in refined, feasible & systematic operational models for the young students to learn their academic & programming subjects by practical & hands on learning though robotics based kits. We train over 250 learners each year, with an institutional association.

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