Join hands together to reach these girls to their Dream Destination with your Philanthropic Contribution

Happy to share shining victory of our girls with champion award at FLL India west 2019/2020 happed in Mumbai and we opt to occupy place, at Top of list to visit world Festival at Detroit USA

Hard to mention this, but all the girls belongs to the parents who are just good enough to earn hand to mouth for their daily living and this so thought of calling people to join hands together to reach this girls to their Dream Destination with your Philanthropic Contribution.

We are looking forward to raise fund for Travel Expenses Air Tickets ,Lodging & Boarding, VISA Fees and Accommodations to and fro to India.

As this girls will be going for the very first time to States we seek Moral Contribution also from those who have been to States for such competition to share their time and experience to develop social values and conducts in girls so this girls can more effectively represent india at World festival

Assistance in the from of Sponsoring gift items and monetary contribution is appriciated too, as the overall budget is coming around 50.000 USD in INR 36 lacs Rs.

You can reach your donations to us through Online payment by Check DD Money Transfer or by personal payment at School we look forward to issue you 80C certificate for Tax Exemption if needed Payment link account Details are mention below.

Looking forward to your generous helpful hands, just feel to mention that this may be the multiple choice opportunity for you but for this girls it is once and for all if not today then never. so requesting you to make it happen thanks and regard in advance to see you helping us. Please Note we are expecting your donation ASAP at earliest.